Multímetro digitalDe Mano, 600V ac, 200mA ac No, CAT III

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RS PRO IDM20 Pocket Digital Multimeter

The RS PRO IDM20 digital multimeter (DMM) is a handheld tool which can measure capacitance, voltage, electrical current and resistance with diode and continuity check. This meter has an LCD display where the measurement readouts can be viewed. There is also a “hold” function available in the compact design making it very user-friendly. The multimeter is also CAT IV rated for 600V and CAT III rated for 1000V.

With built-in non-contact AC voltage detection, this battery-powered device is great for continuity and portability. A robust, double-moulded, plastic housing provides ultimate protection from harsh environments. Included with the meter itself are integral test leads, 2 X AAA batteries and a user manual.

The IDM20 is RS Approved, meaning not only is it great value for money, but you can rely on its quality.

Features and Benefits:

• Integrated flashlight
• Compact and handheld - pocket size
• Digital 3-3/4 digit 4000 count LCD display
• 3-year warranty
• 104 x 55 x 32.5 mm dimension

What does it measure?
DC/AC Voltages
AC/DC Current
Resistance and continuity checking
Diode - open circuit voltage

What does it include?
Pair of Integral Test Leads
Battery (Installed) - Two 1.5V AAA batteries
User Manual

Typical Applications:
A digital multimeter (DMM) is a handy test tool that measures electrical values such as voltage, current, and resistance. A DMM is used by technicians in the following areas:
Electrical and electronic industries

Safety guidelines
When using any electrical test equipment it is advised that you refer to the user’s manual for proper working operating procedures and safety precautions in order to avoid potential safety hazards.

What is the difference between an analogue and a digital multimeter?
The main difference is the display. A digital multimeter will show the results as numbers on a screen (usually a LED or LCD screen) whereas the analogue version has a needle to show the value.


EN61010-1 CAT IV 600 V / CAT III 1000 V

Atributo Valor
Tipo de Multímetro De Mano
Medición de Corriente DC Máxima Absoluta 200mA dc
Medición de Corriente AC Máxima Absoluta 200mA ac
Medición Máxima de Tensión AC Absoluta 600V ac
Medición de Resistencia Máxima Absoluta 40MΩ
Medición de Tensión DC Máxima Absoluta 600V dc
Medición de Capacitancia Máxima Absoluta 100µF
Funciones Medidas Capacitancia, Corriente AC, Corriente DC, Resistencia, Tensión AC, Tensión DC
RMS Verdadero No
Frecuencia Máxima 100kHz
Tipo de Display LCD
Número de Modelo p IDM20
Nivel de Categoria de Seguridad CAT III
Dimensiones 120 x 55 x 40mm
Precisión Máxima de Tensión DC ±0.5 %
Longitud 120mm
Precisión Máxima de Corriente AC ±2.5 %
Precisión Máxima de Corriente DC ±2 %
Precisión Máxima de Tensión AC ±1.2 %
Anchura 55mm
Precisión Máxima de Medición de Capacitancia ±3 % ± 5 Digits
Precisión Máxima de Medición de Resistencia ±0.8 %
Altura 40mm
Tensión de Categoria de Seguridad 1000V
Tipo de Batería AAA
Peso 145g
144 Disponível para entrega em 2 dia(s) útil(eis).
Preço unitário
(IVA exc.)
Por unidade
1 +
34,50 €
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