Kit de desarrollo, Capacitive Touch para usar con Desktop or Notebook Computers Control, Home Appliances, LCD/TFT

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Desktop and Notebook PCs
LCD Monitors
Consumer Electronics
Six (6) Capacitive Touch Sensor Inputs
Programmable sensitivity
Automatic recalibration
Individual thresholds for each button
Proximity Detection
Multiple Button Pattern Detection
Calibrates for Parasitic Capacitance
analogue Filtering for System Noise Sources
Press and Hold feature for Volume-like Applications
Multiple Communication Interfaces
—SMBus / I
2C compliant interface
SMSC BC-Link interface
SPI communications
Pin selectable communications protocol and multiple slave addresses (SMBus / I
2C only)
Low Power Operation
5uA quiescent current in Deep Sleep
50uA quiescent current in Standby (1 sensor input monitored)
Samples one or more channels in Standby
Six (6) LED Driver Outputs
Open Drain or Push-Pull
Programmable blink, breathe, and dimness controls
Can be linked to Capacitive Touch Sensor inputs
Dedicated Wake output flags touches in low power state
System RESET pin
Available in 20-pin 4mm x 4mm QFN or 24-pin SSOP package

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Tipo de Accesorio Capacitive Touch
Para Usar Con Desktop or Notebook Computers Control, Home Appliances, LCD/TFT Monitors, Various Types of Consumer Electronic
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