Mando de validación Allen Bradley Guardmaster 440J-N21TNPM 440J, 2 NC, IP66, 260 x 46 x 58 mm, 3 posiciones

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COO (País de Origem): JP
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Enabling Switch, 440J Series

Hand-operated grip style enabling device. Underneath the rubber boot, called the trigger switch, the 440J enabling device has two three-position switches. The contacts are closed when the actuator is in the mid-position (partly depressed). The contacts are open when the actuator is in the rest (released) position and in the fully pressed position. When transitioning from fully pressed to released, the contacts remain open. The 440J meets the requirements of IEC 60947-5-8:2006, which was written to describe the performance and design requirements of three-position enabling devices. The model with the normally open contact is typically used as a jog or reset function. The safety system design must only allow the use of the jog or reset function when the trigger switch is in the mid-position.

2 N/C direct-opening action
Operating force; Position 2: 15 N approx., Position 3: 50 N max.
Direct opening force; 90 N
Maximum actuation frequency; 1200 operations per hour


Base plate included. If operation of the switch contacts is all that is needed use the holding bracket 440J-A00N. Additional accessory brackets can be added to achieve various arrangements. The 440J-A01N right angle bracket accommodates the 440K-A11238 (standard actuator) which is used with the standard Trojan 6 or Trojan T15 and the 440G-A27011 (GD2 actuator) which is used with the GD2 interlocks. With two additional screws, the right angle bracket can be mounted to the 440J enabling switch for horizontal mounting. An actuator can also be mounted for vertical use without the 440J-A01N bracket. Mounting plate 440J-A02N has multiple pre-drilled and tapped holes to facilitate mounting of a single 440K-MT (MT-GD2) or 440K-T (Trojan) interlock. Four additional through-holes at the corners allow mounting of the plate to a flat surface. The 440J-A03N accessory mounts to the enabling switch base plate and has two sets of holes to accommodate either two standard or two GD2 actuators. This arrangement is used in conjunction with the 440K-A04N accessory. The U-shaped 440J-A04N can accommodate two interlocks: either 440K-MT or 440K-T. Using the 440J-A03N plate with dual actuators, a total of eight contacts, four in each switch, can be made available for the safety and control system.

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Atributo Valor
Serie 440J
Configuración de los Contactos 2 NC
Número de Posiciones 3
Índice de Protección IP IP66
Material de la Carcasa Polyamide
Dimensiones 260 x 46 x 58 mm
Profundidad 58mm
Longitud 260mm
Anchura 46mm
5 Disponível para entrega em 24/48 horas.
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