Interruptor de seguridad Allen Bradley Guardmaster 440N-Z21S16H, 440N, IP69K, 18 (diám.) x 67,06 mm, Codificado, 4

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SensaGuard 440N Cylindrical Non-Contact Switch

The SensaGuard Non-Contact Switch is PLe, SIL 3 and Cat 4 rated and is intended for use with sliding, hinge or lift-off machine guard doors. These safety switches are based on RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) technology for coding and inductive technology for sensing. Combined with a large sensing range for optimum operation and tolerance to misalignment, these non-contact switches are a cost-effective solution to a wide range of industrial safety applications.

No dedicated controller required for its RFID coding security
Switches can be connected in series with other devices (e.g. Light Curtains, E-stops, interlock switches)
PLe, SIL 3, Cat 4 rating maintained with multiple units connected in series
Can be connected to standard safety relays, SmartGuards and safety I/O blocks
They provide three different types of PNP output including one auxiliary PNP
Equipped with an LED to indicate the device status and any faults
IP69K environmental rating


Stainless steel version suitable for use in harsh environments.


IEC60947-5-3, IEC 61508, EN954

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This safety device can be used with Guardlink, a new safety linking technology from Allen Bradley Guardmaster.
Guardlink simplifies and reduces the connection time of the safety system, whilst providing real-time diagnostic information over Ethernet IP. This makes it simple to identify the location of the device that has tripped the safety system, thus reducing downtime, and improving the machines overall efficiency. For more details, please go to the Guardlink brochure.

Atributo Valor
Tensión de Alimentación 24 V dc
Material de la Carcasa Plastic
Rango Sensaguard
Interfaz Guardlink
Serie 440N
Índice de Protección IP IP69K
Actuador Incluido
Principio del sensor RFID
Color de la Carcasa Rojo
Anchura 18 (Dia.)mm
Longitud 67.06mm
Categoría de Seguridad 4
Tipo de Actuador Coded
Dimensiones 18 (Dia.) x 67.06 mm
39 Disponível para entrega em 24/48 horas
6 Disponível para entrega em 24/48 horas
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78,10 €