Interruptor de bloqueo con protección de seguridad Allen Bradley Guardmaster 440T-AKEYE100D, Llave, 440T

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The rotary switches are used for electrical isolation of machinery to improve safe access. Once the power has been turned off, the key can then be withdrawn and used in the next sequence of operation such as unlocking an access gate. When whole body access is needed, the duel access lock (DAL), with one key trapped and one key free should be used. The secondary key serves the function of a personnel key. The DAL allows the operator to carry the personnel key into the hazardous area. When the operator returns from the hazardous area and returns the personnel key to the DAL , the locking sequence can be reversed and the process restarted.

All stainless interlocking and coded parts—including the code barrel and internal components at no extra cost.
Weather cap as standard—no extra charge for dust caps and seals.
Standard red colour-coded key and ID tags—at no extra charge.
A complete range of isolators, key exchange, miniature valve

Atributo Valor
Tipo Bloqueo Llave
Serie 440T
3 Disponível para entrega em 24/48 horas.
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