Extensor de vídeo Startech, HDMI, 1920 x 1080, 50m

  • Código RS 123-8111
  • Referência do fabricante ST121WHD2
  • Fabricante Startech
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COO (País de Origem): CN
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ST121WHD2 HDMI Wireless Transceiver

This HDMI® over wireless extender lets you transmit your audio / video signal from an HDMI source to a remote display located up to 165 ft (50m) away. The extender kit uses Wi-Fi to transmit an uncompressed, high-definition 1080p HDMI signal, as well as an IR signal for controlling your source device remotely.

With wireless video extension, you can extend or mirror your laptop computer to share documents or multimedia content (including music, video, and pictures) in full HD, perfect for sharing ideas with your colleagues on a boardroom projector or tradeshow display.

Cut the cord and the installation work
The HDMI over wireless extender offers a practical alternative to traditional copper video cabling, which saves your budget by avoiding the cost of installing an expensive wiring infrastructure.

This bundled kit includes both the transmitter and receiver, saving you the hassle and expense of buying multiple devices to accomplish one task.

Wireless video with no compromises
The extender is great for digital signage applications because it lets you install your display wherever you want, unlike wired solutions that force you to compromise on the location of your display based on the available cabling.

Easy installation and operation
This wireless video extender is very easy to install and use. With simple plug-and-play installation, setup is as easy as connecting the video cables and turning on the extender. The wireless video extender is a pure hardware solution that doesn’t require any software or drivers, saving you time by avoiding complicated software installation and configuration.

With hassle-free operation you don't need to be an A/V technician to use this extender, which makes it a great solution for commercial markets such as retail storefronts and lobbies, as well as healthcare and education facilities.

Fast and secure performance
With a wide assortment of convenient features, this HDMI over wireless extender accommodates virtually any remote video application. You can transmit your audio and video to a remote location with less than 100 milliseconds of latency, making this extender suitable for interactive applications such as remote touchscreens and video games.

To keep your video transmission secure, the extender uses AES 128 encryption.

Easy remote control
The HDMI over wireless extender also works to extend an infrared signal, enabling you to control your video source from the remote location. Easy-to-install mounting brackets are also included with the wireless extender kit for tidy, professional installation.

The ST121WHD2 is backed by a 2-year StarTech.com warranty and free lifetime technical support.

Features & Benefits

• Convenient all-in-one solution with both the wireless transmitter and receiver included
• Supports resolutions up to 1920x1080 (1080p)
• HDCP compliant
• Hassle-free wireless video with easy setup and no software configuration
• Saves time and installation costs, with no cabling infrastructure required
• Long-range wireless extension, even through walls, supporting distances up to 165 ft (50m)


• Place the display in a convenient viewing area, while the system equipment is placed elsewhere in a clean and secure environment
• Wirelessly connect your digital signage in financial, educational, and business environments
• Extend your display across harsh environments such as industrial sites
• Optimize placement of your demo stations at tradeshows and in auditoriums
• Extend wireless video where cabling or drilling through walls isn't an option

What’s in the package?

• Wireless transmitter
• Wireless receiver
• IR blaster
• IR receiver
• Mounting brackets
• HDMI cable
• Universal power adapters (NA/EU/UK)
• Quick start guide


I need to convert a video signal and extend it. What order should I do this in?

If you need to use a video extender with a video adapter or converter, you should position the adapter or converter as close to the video source as possible. For example, if you need to take a VGA signal from a computer and send it 200 feet to an HDMI® projector, you should convert the signal from VGA to HDMI and use an HDMI extender.

Atributo Valor
Tipo Par de extensión
Tipo de conexión de vídeo HDMI
Número de puertos de vídeo 1
Método de transmisión WiFi
Resolución Máxima 1920 x 1080
Distancia de extensión 50m
Tipo de conexión de audio HDMI
Dimensiones del dispositivo local 100 x 58 x 20mm
Peso del dispositivo local 136g
Dimensiones del dispositivo remoto 100 x 58 x 20mm
Peso del dispositivo remoto 136g
Profundidad del dispositivo local 58mm
Altura del dispositivo local 20mm
Anchura del dispositivo local 100mm
Profundidad del dispositivo remoto 58mm
Anchura del dispositivo remoto 100mm
Altura del dispositivo remoto 20mm
8 Disponível para entrega em 24/48 horas.
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