Célula de carga Tedea Huntleigh 00620-002T-C3-08X, 2000kg, Compresión, 15V dc, IP68

  • Código RS 185-5962
  • Referência do fabricante 00620-002T-C3-08X
  • Fabricante Tedea Huntleigh
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Model 620 is a stainless steel S-type load cell. Its welded sealing combined with high accuracy, make this load cell ideally suited for a wide range of applications of process weighing and force measurements. The six-wire cable includes two sense wires that compensate for changes in lead resistance due to temperature changes and cable extension.

Capacity range: 500–5000 kg
Stainless steel construction
S-type design for use in tension and compression
6-Wire cable (sense circuit)
Hopper (tank Weighing)
Hybrid scales
Belt weighing
Lever arm conversions
Material testing machines
Vibrations filling equipment

Atributo Valor
Fuerza Medida Compresión
Rango de Medida de Fuerza/Carga 2000kg
Máxima Corriente de Excitación 15V dc
Salida a Carga Nominal 2MV V
Material de la Carcasa Stainless Steel
Índice de Protección IP IP68
Tipo de Terminal Cable
Altura Total 90mm
Anchura Total 70mm
Profundidad Total 32mm
Temperatura de Funcionamiento Mínima -30 (Safe) °C, -10 (Compensated) °C
Temperatura de Funcionamiento Máxima +40 (Compensated) °C, +90 (Safe) °C
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