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RS PRO RSSA-9300B Desktop Spectrum Analyser with Tracking Generator

Introducing the RSSA-9300B desktop spectrum analyser from our trusted and reliable own brand RS PRO, a highly reliable and efficient device used for analysing the frequency spectrum of RF, radio frequency and audio signals. This lightweight yet durable all-purpose analyser provides accurate measurements and is ideal for general signal monitoring requirements, as well as educational purposes due to the user-friendly capabilities featured. This budget-friendly unit doesn’t compromise on quality and is a versatile and essential piece of equipment that covers your testing needs, regardless of application. This excellent analyser offers a bandwidth of 9 kHz - 3 GHz, along with a range of unique features including auto wake-up, sequence function, and limit line testing allowing you to enhance your analysis with ease.

The tracking generator feature provides you with a more flexible and highly valuable spectrum analyser, as it allows the device to be used a scalar network analyser by making circuit response measurements.

Features and benefits

• Frequency Range : 9 kHz - 3 GHz
• 0.025ppm Frequency Stability and 1ppm Aging Rate
• Built-in Preamplifier, 50dB Attenuator, and Sequence Function
• RBW : 1 Hz - 1 MHz
• Sensitivity : -149 dBm/Hz (@PreAmp on)
• Built-in AM/FM Demodulation & Analysis
• Built-in P1dB Point, Harmonic, Channel Power, N-dB Bandwidth, OCBW, ACPR, SEM, TOI, CNR, CTB, CSO, Noise Marker, Frequency Counter, Time Domain Power, Gated Sweep
• Built-in Spectrogram, Topographic and Dual-View Display Modes
• Remote Control Software : SpectrumShot
• Remote Control Interface : LAN, USB, RS-232
• Options : Tracking Generator, GPIB Interface, Battery Pack


Spectrum analysers are the perfect device used for the measurement and analysis of input signals along with the frequency range and are used in a wide range of applications including:

• Sound engineering
• RF engineers
• Geology
• Astronomy
• Biochemistry

What is included?

• RS PRO RSSA-9300B Spectrum Analyser
• Power Cord
• Certificate of Calibration
• CD-ROM (with Quick Start Guide, User Manual,Programming Manual, SpectrumShot Software, SpectrumShot Guide & IVI Driver).

Measurement applications

The RSSA-9300B series offers over 20 rich signal processing functions, including AM/FM modulation signal analysis, signal channel analysis, and CATV parameter test, characteristic test on signal stability, and frequency response or power linearity tests for components to substantially bring up the measurement convenience. Many of these features that come as standard on the RSSA-9300B series are only available as additional extras on many other competitor analysers in the same class, providing you with a truly unique and powerful device at an excellent price.

Atributo Valor
Ancho de Banda 9 kHz → 3 GHz
Wave Traces Borrar y escribir, Cuasi-pico (EMI), En blanco, Media (EMI), Promedio, Retención de valor máximo, Retención de valor mínimo, Ver
Modos de Barrido Continuo, Único
Modos de Ajuste Tolerancia cero + dominio de tiempo
Frecuencia Máxima 3GHz
Frecuencia Mínima 9 kHz
Estabilidad de Frecuencia 0.025ppm
Tipo de Display Espectrograma incorporado, Pantalla de vista doble, Topográfico
Marcadores Frecuencia
Entrada RF Hembra tipo N
Tipo de Interfaz GPIB, LAN, MicroSD, RS232, USB
De mesa/De mano Escritorio
Longitud 350mm
Anchura 100mm
Altura 210mm
Temperatura Máxima de Funcionamiento +45 °C, +70 °C
Dimensiones 350 x 100 x 210mm
Tipo de Batería Li-ion
Tipo de Conector Tipo A - Norteamérica/Japón de 2 hojas, Tipo B - Norteamericano de 3 contactos
Peso 4.5kg
Número de Modelo p RSSA-9300B TG
Temperatura Mínima de Funcionamiento -20 °C, +5 °C
5 Disponível para entrega em 2 dia(s) útil(eis).
Preço unitário
(IVA exc.)
Por unidade
1 +
4.440,80 €