Motor paso a paso, 1.8°, tipo Híbrido, 4 Cables, 2.56 V

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RS PRO Hybrid Stepper Motor 1.8°, 2.56 V, 5.5 A, 4 Wires

Hybrid stepper motors from RS PRO are high performance DC motors, perfect for applications requiring precise movement or rotation in steps. They combine characteristics from both VR (variable reluctance) stepper motors and PM (permanent magnet) stepper motors, offering a versatile motor suitable for a range of applications. With RS PRO hybrid stepper motors, high torque can be achieved even with low speeds.

Features and benefits

Hybrid technology combining VR and PM motor characteristics High torque with low speed Suitable for a range of applications Lightweight yet durable design 4 lead configuration Holding torque: 7 Nm Stepping angle: 1.8° Rated voltage: 2.56 V


A stepper motor is a type of DC motor with a shaft that turns in precise steps by dividing full rotations via multiple coils that are organised in phases. Stepper motors are ideal for applications requiring discrete and precise torque or movement. These motors offer a variety of driver modes including wave drive, full step, half step and micro-step and can be operated via stepper controllers. Stepper motors are commonly used in applications such as: CNC machines Medical scanners Printers Disc drives Digital cameras


What is the stepping rate?

This stepper motor features a 1.8° step angle, equivalent to 200 steps per revolution.

What is the length of the shaft?

The length of the shaft is 30.23mm.

What is the max radial force?

The max radial force for this model is 220 N (20 MM from front flange).

What is the max axial force?

The max axial force for this model is 60 N.

Atributo Valor
Ángulo de Inclinación 1.8°
Número de Cables 4
Tensión Nominal 2.56 V
Tamaño del Bastidor 85.85 x 85.85mm
Tipo de Motor Paso a Paso Híbrido
Diámetro del Eje 12.7mm
Corriente Nominal 5.5 A
Longitud del Eje 30.23mm
Profundidad 96mm
Resistencia por Fase 0.46Ω
5 Disponível para entrega em 2 dia(s) útil(eis).
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243,37 €