Kit de desarrollo, Buck 5 Click para usar con Distributed Power Supply Regulation, General Points Of Load, Regulated

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Reduces External Components and Total Cost
No Schottky-Synchronous Operation
Internal Compensation for Any Output Voltage
Built-In Soft-Start
All-Ceramic Capacitors, Compact Layout
Reduce Number of DC-DC Regulators to Stock
Wide 4.5V to 60V Input
Adjustable 0.9V to 0.9 x VIN Output
100kHz to 2.2MHz Adjustable Switching Frequency with External Synchronization
Reduces Power Dissipation
Peak Efficiency > 95
PFM/DCM Modes Enables Enhanced Light-LoadEfficiency
Auxiliary Bootstrap LDO for Improved Efficiency
3.5FA Shutdown Current
Operates Reliably in Adverse Industrial Environments
Hiccup or Latchoff Mode Overload Protection
DL to LX Short Detection Feature
Built-In Output Voltage Monitoring with RESET
Programmable EN/UVLO Threshold
Monotonic Startup into Prebiased Load
Overtemperature Protection
-40NC to +125NC Operation
Industrial Power Supplies
Distributed Supply Regulation
Base Station Power Supplies
Wall Transformer Regulation
High-Voltage Single-Board Systems
General-Purpose Point-of-Load

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Tipo de Accesorio Buck 5 Click
Para Usar Con Distributed Power Supply Regulation, General Points Of Load, Regulated Power Source, Single Board Systems, Wall Transformer Regulation
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