Interruptor de cable Allen Bradley Guardmaster 440E-L13137, 75m, 4P, 2 NC / 2 NA, Tensión AC Máxima 600V, Tensión DC

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Allen Bradley Cable Switch

The Allen Bradley Guardmaster 440E series grab wire cable switch has 2NO/2NC contact configuration. It can be installed along or around awkward machinery such as conveyors and provide constant emergency stop access. This switch has a cable status indicator that makes this rope pull switch easy to set up and maintain for spans up to 75m. It has a positive mode mechanism that ensures the contacts are immediately latched open on actuation and can only be reset by the intentional action of turning the blue reset knob. The design of this safety switch also protects against nuisance tripping and the effects of thermal expansion. It has heavy-duty die-cast aluminium alloy housing. A mushroom head emergency stop button included on the lifeline 4 to provide E-Stop access even at the extreme ends of the span. The switch has an electrical current rating of 2A at a voltage rating 24VDC and a current rating 4A at a voltage rating 600VAC.

This safety device can be used with GuardLink™, a new safety linking technology from Allen Bradley Guardmaster. GuardLink™ simplifies and reduces the connection time of the safety system, whilst providing real-time diagnostic information over Ethernet IP. This makes it simple to identify the location of the device that has tripped the safety system, thus reducing downtime, and improving the machines overall efficiency. For more details, please go to the GuardLink™ brochure.

Features and Benefits

Universal mounting and operation
Lid mounted emergency stop button
Switch lockout on cable pulled and cable slack
Cable status indicator on switch lid
Tension force is 188N lock-out, 103N running
Operating force is less than 125N (300mm Deflection)
Operating temperature ranges between -25°C and 80°C
Safety contact gap is less than 2mm x 2mm
Stainless steel eye nut
Glass filled nylon indicator
Size of cable entry is M20


BS 5304
IP66 rated
CE certified
BG certified
UL listed

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