Kit de desarrollo, Ultra Violet (UV) Sensing Device para usar con ALS Measurement Applications, Display Backlighting

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UV 4 click is a powerful Ultra Violet (UV) sensing device and Ambient Light Sensor (ALS) Click board™, featuring a sensor with a very wide dynamic range of detectable light intensity, across two ADC range settings. The UV diodes are matched to CIE erythema action spectrum, allowing a very accurate calculation of the UV index. The UV Index is standardized by the World Health Organization and it represents the strength of sunburn-producing (UV) radiation.

High accuracy UV index sensor (0 to > 20uV)
Matches erythermal curve Ambient light sensor
<100 mlx resolution possible, allowing operation under dark glass
Up to 128 klx dynamic range possible across two ADC range settings
Industry’s lowest power consumption
1.62 to 3.6 V supply voltage
<500 nA standby current
Internal and external wake support
Built-in voltage supply monitor and power-on reset controller
Display backlighting control
Consumer electronics

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