Kit de desarrollo analógico MIKROE-3276 LLC-I2C Click Placa de desarrollo

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LLC I2C click can be utilized as the level converter for logic signals, which makes it a very useful Click board™. The topology of this logic level conversion (LLC) circuit is perfectly suited for the bi-directional I2C communication. Although there are some specialized integrated circuits on the market, sometimes it is more convenient to have a simple solution made of just a few passive elements and four MOSFETs. Besides this, MOSFETs can withstand up to 20V across their terminals (12V VGS), and they support far greater currents than typical ICs, making them less likely to fail. The LLC circuitry, also known as the level translator or level shifter, can be used in virtually any application that utilizes the I2C communication protocol and needs matching between the logic voltage levels.It comes in the package which also includes the mikroSDK™ software and a library with all the functions. The Click board™ is ready to use on the development board.

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