Allen Bradley Guardmaster 440F-M1520BYNN, área protegida 1000 x 750mm, Vinilo plastisol, IP67

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Allen Bradley Guardmaster Safety Mat

The Allen Bradley Guardmaster Matguard 440-F safety mat is a high-quality mat made of plastisol vinyl and has a size of 1000mm x 750mm. This is a pressure-sensitive safeguarding product designed to detect the presence of people on its sensing surface. It has two conductive hardened steel plates held apart by non-conductive compressible separators. Each four-wire mat operates on 24VDC that is pre-wired and connected in series with other mats to form a floor level guarding system for hazardous areas. The circuit through the mat requires monitoring by a safety-rated control unit such as a minotaur safety relay, Matguard control unit, or Matguard mat manager. Once the mat is clear, the control unit provides a signal to the machine control circuit. In addition, when a mat is stepped on, the conductive plates touch causing the resistance in the circuit to fall down to zero. This is monitored by the control unit that sends a shutdown signal to the machine. The Matguard safety mat completely sealed to prevent water, liquids, and coolants. Also, the tough vinyl resists bleaches, acids, salts, and many industrial chemicals. The unique moulding process is responsible for the long life and reliability of the mat.

Features and Benefits

Hardened steel plate construction
No dead spots
4-wire system to detect opens and shorts
Can withstand a static pressure of 4500psi


To detect an employee entering a dangerous zone
Provide presence sensing of employees remaining inside a hazardous area
A safety device in an industrial environment


IP67 rated
CE certified
TUV certified
CSA certified
cULus approved
ISO 13849-1

Atributo Valor
Rango MatGuard
Serie 440-F
Área Protegida 1000 x 750mm
Longitud 1m
Anchura 750mm
Grosor 16mm
Material Vinilo plastisol
Índice de Protección IP IP67
Dimensiones 1.000 x 750 mm
13 Disponível para entrega em 2 dia(s) útil(eis).
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