Cámara termográfica RS PRO RS-9875, calibrado RS, 0 → +400 (High Range) °C, -20 → +150 (Low Range) °C,

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RS PRO RS-9875 Thermal Imaging Camera

Introducing the RS PRO RS-9875 Thermal Imaging Camera, a highly reliable and versatile hi-tech thermal imager used to visualise temperature differences via an infrared thermal camera. Thermal Imaging plays a vital role in a number of applications, from assisting technicians in locating heat leaks in thermal insulations, to assisting firefighters in locating heat sources in a fire.

The RS PRO RS-9875 features a variety of colour palettes such as rainbow, grey, feather and more, making it an incredibly versatile thermographic camera that allows the user to carry out temperature measurement for a number of applications.

With the RS PRO RS-9875, the user has the benefit of viewing clear and precise thermal images in real-time via the incredible 3.5" capacitive touch screen. Thermographic videos and images can also be stored to the device via the 4 GB SD card, ensuring that data is easily accessible at all times.

Our thermal imaging cameras come in a variety of ergonomic designs, and offer a range of thermal sensitivity, making them a valuable companion to the service and maintenance engineer among others.

Features and Benefits

• Variety of colour palettes including grey, iron, rainbow and feather
• Easy to use 3.5" LCD capacitive touch screen, 320 ´ 240 pixels
• A number of image modes such as IR image, visual image, picture in picture and Image Fusion
• Interchangeable lens to allow for a variety of focal lengths to be achieved
• Storage of videos and images via 4 GB SD card
• 1–20 ´ continuous, digital zoom for greater detail
• Simultaneous storage of IR and visual images

Typical Applications

• Construction
• HVAC systems
• Firefighting
• Search and rescue
• Security camera systems
• Wildlife monitoring

How do Thermal Imaging Cameras work?

Thermal Imaging cameras create thermal images, also known as a thermogram, through a process called Thermography. This allows the user to visualise heat sources in real-time, making temperature measurement more accurate.

Can Thermal Imaging Cameras see through objects?

Whilst Thermal Imaging Cameras can't see through objects, they can detect heat sources produced on the surface of objects, such as locating a fire or heat source behind a wall.

Atributo Valor
Rango de Medición de Temperatura -20 → +150 (Low Range) °C, 0 → +400 (High Range) °C
Resolución del Detector 160 x 120píxel
Resolución de Display 320 x 240píxel
Número de modelo RS-9875
Sensibilidad Termal 80mK
Precisión Máxima de Medición de Temperatura ±2 °C
Tipo de Enfoque Manual
Calibrado RSCAL
Frecuencia de Actualización 50Hz
Distancia Mínima de Enfoque 0.2m
Tamaño del Display 3.5plg
Peso 920 (With Battery)g
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