Latiguillo de monitor y vídeo digital RS PRO, 3m, Male DisplayPort a Male DisplayPort, Negro

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RS PRO Male Mini DisplayPort to Male DisplayPort Cable

This male mini DisplayPort to male DisplayPort cable from our own trusted and reliable brand RS PRO is ideal for a high definition audiovisual experience. This DisplayPort 1.2 cable features a high bandwidth of 21.6 Gbit/s and is designed to connect modern media peripherals to state-of-the-art monitors and televisions. DisplayPort cables are often used in multi-media presentations of all kinds. The mini DisplayPort connector is designed to be used with smaller digital devices such as smartphones and certain laptops.This DisplayPort cable supports Multi-Stream (MST) for daisy chaining multiple monitors without the need for an adapter or additional cables, making it ideal for use with multi-screen gaming. It also provides optional audio support that supports a number of high definition audio formats such as Dolby MAT and DTS HD, making it a highly versatile all in one high-performance cable.The cable features a DisplayPort connector with a locking/release mechanism built in to prevent accidental disconnection. This locking mechanism can be released with a simple press of the thumb, for added convenience.

Features and benefits

DisplayPort defines a new digital/audio/video interconnection Perfect for connecting a smaller device to a large HD display Requires less space Works with any DisplayPort source device The practical plug design prevents the cable from slipping out of the DisplayPort socket User-friendly all in one cable High-performance High definition Compatible with adapters such as a USB-C adapter


Whether you want to extend visuals from a laptop to a projector or ensure a high-quality gaming experience, DisplayPort cables are a reliable standard. They can be used with; HDTV's Monitors Smart Screens Projectors PC Gaming Smartphones Laptops

How is DisplayPort different from HDMI?

DisplayPort offers the support of higher performance requirements than HDMI, which is based on updated signal and protocol technology used in today's computers. This enables an increase in performance and integration. DisplayPort cables are more suited to connecting multiple screens, with a single port that is able to drive up to four monitors. Therefore, for applications such as video walls, a DisplayPort interface is preferable.Though in most cases the quality difference between HDMI and DisplayPort are negligible, DisplayPort cables are typically able to maintain lower resolution loss over longer cables lengths than HDMI cables.DisplayPort also features higher resolutions, colour depths and faster refresh rates, providing an excellent high definition visual experience.

Does DisplayPort support Audio?

Yes, DisplayPort supports multi-channel audio requirements and supports a wide range of high-definition audio formats.

What is a Mini DisplayPort?

Mini DisplayPorts are a miniaturized version of the DisplayPort designed to be used with smaller devices such as smartphones. They are found in certain laptops and can be easily adapted to work with standard size DisplayPorts.


RS PRO strives to give you reliable parts at competitive prices. With in-house experts testing all of our RS PRO branded products, we're confident we'll satisfy your demand for quality and dependability.RS PRO has an extensive range of multi-media cables to suit any setup. Whether you're fitting a customized media studio, or simply improving your home entertainment set-up, RS PRO is with you every step of the way.

Atributo Valor
Conector A Male DisplayPort
Conector B Male DisplayPort
Conector A Género Macho
Conector B Género Macho
Longitud 3m
Color de la Funda Negro
Tipo de Cable DisplayPort
Material de la Funda Exterior PVC
Tamaño de los Hilos 32 AWG
93 Disponível para entrega em 24/48 horas.
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(IVA exc.)
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1 +
24,31 €