Pinza ifm Electronic, para Cilindro de línea limpia

  • Código RS 741-7512
  • Referência do fabricante E11818
  • Fabricante ifm electronic
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COO (País de Origem): DE
Detalhes do produto

Magnetic Proximity Switch for Pneumatic Cylinders

Sensor for pneumatic cylinders
Records the ring magnets in the cylinder pistons
Precise recording of position by means of accurate switching points
Output: N/O
Output current max. 100 mA
Response threshold 2.1 mT
Traverse speed > 10 m/s
Polarity reversal protection
LED status display
Connection lead with plug connection
Plastic housing for T-slot cylinders
Quick and easy assembly

Power supply: 10 → 30 Vdc
Power consumption: <10mA
Response threshold: 2.8 mT
Traverse speed: >10m/s
Switching frequency: >10000
Output: PNP, N/O, max. 100 mA
Short-circuit protection cycled
Reverse polarity protection: Yes
Overload resistance: Yes
Function display: Yellow LED
Electrical connection: PUR cable, 0.3 m with M8 plug connection
Housing material: PA (polyamide)/stainless steel
Protection rating: IP67
Ambient temperature: -20 °C → +85 °C



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Memory rubber, cable clip

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