Conector de termopar RS PRO para Termopar de tipo K

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Conectores hembra en miniatura con soportes para montaje en panel

Conectores hembra de termopar aéreos en miniatura con soporte de montaje en panel de acero inoxidable, adecuados con la gama RS de rosetas de pared de aluminio. Disponibles en tipos de termopar K, J, T, E, N, R/S, B y cobre.

Soporte de acero inoxidable para instalar de manera segura en paneles
Arandelas incluidas
Para todas las aplicaciones, especialmente procesos industriales
Temperatura de funcionamiento: +220 °C máx.

What is a Thermocouple Connector?

These thermocouple connectors are an accurate and convenient way of interconnecting your temperature sensing components. Using these connectors allows a chain to be formed from the measuring tip of your temperature sensor to the host computer or meter. It is important that all the components in the chain are made from the same thermocouple material to prevent any alteration or distortion of the original signal. To achieve this, thermocouple connectors have pins made from the same material as the thermocouple they are being used to connect or a compensating material. The connector housing has the thermocouple type clearly printed on it and is also colour coded to allow easy identification. The thermocouple wires are connected to the socket which can then be mated with a miniature thermocouple plug connector.

Features and Benefits

• Contacts made from true thermocouple alloys or a compensating material for accurate signal transmission
• IEC colour coding for quick and easy identification
• Accepts polarized flat pin contacts for an accurate connection
• Made from rugged glass-filled thermoplastic
• Stainless steel brackets for quick and secure fitting to the panel
• Fully enclosed terminals with cable port seal
• Able to withstand a high temperature of 220°C
• For use with stranded or solid wires
• Polarity and thermocouple type clearly marked on housings


These miniature thermocouple connectors are used in any application where thermocouples are installed, extended or replaced. Their robust construction makes these miniature socket connectors ideal for use even in the most demanding temperature measurement applications.


Aluminium faceplates are available for use with these panel mount thermocouple connectors
Stock number 611-8191 (2 way)
Stock number 611-8214 (4 way)
Stock number 611-8206 (8 way)
Stock number 611-8220 (12 way)
A cable clamp is also available, please see stock number 236-4104

Atributo Valor
Tipo de Accesorio Conector hembra de montaje en panel en miniatura
Para Uso con Termopar de tipo K
Cumplimiento normativo IEC
Tipo de Termopar K
Color Verde
Tamaño del Conector Miniatura
Tipo de Conector Montaje en panel
Conector Macho/Conector Hembra Conector hembra
Tipo de Montaje Soporte de acero inoxidable
Temperatura Mínima -35°C
Temperatura Máxima 220°C
758 Disponível para entrega em 24/48 horas.
Preço unitário
(IVA exc.)
Por unidade
1 - 4
7,01 €
5 - 11
6,73 €
12 +
6,58 €