Acoplamiento de compresión RS PRO para Termopar 3mm

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RS Pro Type K & N Probe & Compression Gland

PVC insulated type K & N probe and compression glands. Higher reliability and stability offered from our RS Pro range of thermocouples.

Features and benefits:

• 300mm x 3mm probe • K probe with stainless steel sheath
• N with Nicrosil sheath
• Probe fitted with an M8 x 1.0 adaptor for installation
• 1m cable insulation: K PTFE, N PVC
• Stainless steel 1//8 BSP compression gland available
• Temp. range:
- K 0° → +1000°C
- N -200° → +1300°C
- Pot seal 0° → +200°C


• Industrial • Scientific
• Power Generation
• BioTech
• Pharmaceutical
• Everyday appliances such as toasters, stoves etc.

Types of Thermocouple:

• Type K Thermocouples: Type K is one of the most common types of thermocouple. They’re popular due to their low cost, the Type K are accurate, provide reliability and have a wide temperature range. • Type J Thermocouples: Type J is also very common and widely known for their low cost, good performance and reliability. Can hold its own in higher temperature ranges, but this can shorten its lifespan.
• Type T Thermocouples: Type T offers stability and consistency, you can typically expect to use type T in exceptionally low temperature situations - such as freezing.
• Type N Thermocouples: Type N shares similar accuracy and temperature limits as Type K. Type N is slightly higher in their price range.
• Type L Thermocouples: Type L specialise in measurements of liquids such as liquid metals. They’re commonly used in heating and apparatus engineering. This type of thermocouple is also cost effective, efficient and reliable.

Atributo Valor
Tipo de Accesorio Thermocouple Compression Fitting
Para Uso con Thermocouple
Cumplimiento normativo Compatible con RoHS
Tamaño del Conector 1/8 BSPT
Diámetro de Sonda 3mm
456 Disponível para entrega em 24/48 horas.
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(IVA exc.)
Por unidade
1 - 4
8,64 €
5 - 11
8,29 €
12 +
8,11 €