Potenciómetro Eaton M22-R470K

  • Código RS 620-6068
  • Referência do fabricante M22-R470K
  • Fabricante Eaton
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Eaton’s Rotary Potentiometers enable a user to regulate and change the current that flows through a circuit, these rotary potentiometers can be easily controlled through turning the spindle or knob.

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What is a Potentiometer?

A potentiometer is a variable resistor which increases or decreases the resistance in an application. Usually available as either digital or analogue, there are two main types of potentiometers, rotary and linear.

• Linear - comes in a rectangle strip shape and can be pulled up or down for the required resistance, used a lot within sound systems for mic output or volume control.
• Rotary - the shaft is housed by a knob, you would find these on dimmer switches or speakers, and turning (usually to the right) will increase the resistance amplifying the output, whether that is light, sound or voltage.

How do Potentiometers work?

Potentiometers have two terminals that are fixed to a resistive element (the track). The resistive element is typically wire wound or made from carbon, cermet or conductive plastic. The third terminal is connected to the wiper, which is a sliding contact. As the wiper moves along the track, the resistance changes and the current flowing through the circuit changes.





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